Mercer Technical Services utilizes the latest in technology to provide the most cost effective solution to your project.  We have the capacity to put together large or small sized construction drawings using AutoCAD Civil 3D, Skyline, GIS and CADWORXS.  We can combine our field as‐built surveying with our design packages to provide traceable, verifiable, and complete MAOP documentation.  This can be combined with our subcontractor to archive and maintain the system records.  Our web‐based project management software can be used for all phases of a project to keep all team members informed of schedule and progress.


Our advanced software and computer systems enable us to accurately update and reproduce the information required for GIS, complex designs, construction, and “As-Built” projects.  

Our product eliminates the extensive labor and potential errors entailed in hand-writing pipe data on a chart and then faxing it to headquarters. We don’t spend hours or days tracking down duplicate joint numbers because our system stops that from happening at the source.

— George Mercer



We combine the as-built expertise of MTS with the power of material traceability from SpreadBoss®. “Real-Time Survey As-Built” is the process that produces a final-constructed alignment sheet as well as survey data in an electronic format ready for importing into your database. “Real-Time TVC” utilizes the power of the SpreadBoss data base system coupled with base code scanning technology to ensure that the material documentation as well as the pressure test records are tied down to the geospatial location of the asset. This service includes:



•    Daily Collection and Processing of Survey Data
•    Data Posting for Client within 48 Hours
•    Real-time QA/QC
•    Capturing of Material Data to Ensure “TVC”
•    Uploading of Attributes and MTRs to SpreadBoss
•    Tracking of All Data Required for Documentation